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Torakan Karate-Do

Torakan the Legend

Legend has it, that it was the usual practice for the headman of a particular village to periodically retreat to the mountains to meditate and become one with the Buda within. One day upon his return the headman found that an army had descended from a neighbouring province and taken over his village, and placed it under martial law. Confronted by soldiers, the headman was ordered to pay homage to the invading warlord by kowtowing to his banner. Refusing, the headman was promptly arrested. The warlord could not afford to have his authority challenged by this provincial headman; to allow such an act might encourage civil disobedience. And so, firstly by threats and then by torture, and finally by starving him, the warlord attempted to coerce the headman into capitulating. After five days, growing weary of his obstinacy, in front of his army and the whole village, the warlord had the headman thrown into a pit with a hungry tiger. The ferocious carnivore sprang at the headman… Inexplicably, after the initial leap, there was no further movement. When the soldiers dragged the tiger off the headman he slowly regained consciousness, appearing little the worse for wear. As the tiger had leapt, the headman had executed an accurate, classic reverse punch, breaking the tiger’s ribs and bursting its heart, killing it instantly. The tiger, weighing many times more than the headman, had landed, dead, on top of him knocking him unconscious. The warlord was so impressed by this seemingly impossible feat that he instructed his army to leave the village; furthermore, he ordered that forthwith and forever more, the village was to be granted exemption from any military encroachment. Whether this tale is true or merely dojo legend is a matter for conjecture, but it is in this spirit that Torakan - School of the Tiger - was forged.

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