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KUA Dan Grading 2017

Images from the Karate Union of Australia Dan grading examination.

KUA Dan grading examination, examiners and examinees The guys in these photographs actually took part, in one way or another, in the grading proper for most on the Sunday. Kathy Sweeney Sensei (KUA Chief Instructor, centre in blazer) was in a gi on the first day, instructing one of the sessions, on advanced combinations to be used in the gradings. Ted D’Arcy Sensei, on my [Thomas's] right in both photographs (actually on the left as you look at the photos but on my right-hand side, opposite side to Anthony) took two sessions, one on Bunkai from some advanced kata and one on knife and stick defence. I took the other session, as part of my grading, on Practical Self-defence techniques for Dan grade students.

KUA Dan grading examination participants

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