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Knife Defence

The following film clips are from a Karate Union of Australia seminar conducted for Dan grades by the KUA Technical Committee: Chief Instructor Kathy Sweeney Sensei 5th Dan, Technical Advisor Ted D'Arcy Sensei 6th Dan and Technical Advisor Thomas McKinnon Sensei 5th Dan, preparing various grades for an upcoming senior Dan grading exam. The aforementioned film clips are knife defence techniques, and were delivered by Thomas McKinnon Sensei for those karateka who will be attempting a 4th Dan grading in September. The knife defence techniques are designed specifically to combat knife attacks that are the most recorded, habitual acts of violence with a bladed weapon. (Please note the sound quality on these videos is very poor.)

Basic knife defence principles.

An action is quicker than a reaction.

Don't wait for an action, instigate the action.

Trapping attacking knife hand.

Evade, deflect and trap.

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