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'A Budōka Odyssey'

Now available in paperback and eBook at Amazon.

A Budōka Odyssey

A Budōka is effectively a student of the art of war.

In this memoir T.D. McKinnon follows a particular thread that is dominant throughout his life. Beginning in his early childhood, this thread becomes more obvious as he grows into young adulthood and, at fifteen years of age, joins the British Parachute Regiment (the Red Devils) via the British Army’s ‘Junior Leaders Scheme’; prior to serving in the 1st Battalion of the British Parachute Regiment.

TD, now in his seventies, takes you on the long and winding road of his martial journey – his Budōka odyssey – highlighting the steps of his martial path with ephemeral, self-contained chronicles, outlining the lessons learned, the principals gained and the elements of the Budōka acquired on each part of the journey. As a former street fighter, boxer, airborne soldier, karateka, competitor and teacher of several martial disciplines, ex-bouncer and bodyguard; T.D. McKinnon, Lifelong Budōka, shares with you this very personal narrative.

'A Budōka Odyssey’ has just received its first review:

Top review from the United States

Minimal shopper

5.0 out of 5 stars A Fine Man Shares a Life of Budo

Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2024

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At over 500 pages there is a lot of content in this autobiographical journey. A quick overview is as follows:

Author Shihan TD McKinnon has had ALOT of fights in his life; starting under the age of 6! He tells the narrative of his life through all those fights and what he learned about himself and life along the way. I appreciate that he doesn’t make self-defense fighting seem glamorous and one sided. He talks about injuries, dangers, and making alternate choices to physical violence as a reality.

This book emphasizes lessons like never quit, move on to the next venture, stay in the moment and learn what you can along the way. I recommend it for young and old, karate people and non-karate folks. He carries the journey into today with a very relevant subject - training and aging. Take it on your next plane trip, or beach vacation. And if you’re a karate instructor, you can work it into your teaching. This book does not disappoint!


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