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Wildcatdojo Conversations

I was recently interviewed by Michelle Darbro Sensei of Wildcatdojo Conversations, Florida, USA, regarding, among other things, my upcoming book, 'A Martial Odyssey. We had a lot of fun - Thomas.

Michelle's introduction: "What a wonderful experience for me to meet (albeit virtually) Mr. McKinnon. We all enjoyed the entire experience and you will too. I'm adding a few notes so you won't be tempted to stop and search mid interview... At minute 13 he mentions the Japanese word kihon which simply means basics. He talks about a kata called Gojushiho and after you listen it's an easy find online and worth a peek! In one of his stories he mentions soto uke - which is simply an outside block. And finally he discusses iaido kata and those are sword forms. Happy listening!"


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