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Torakan Videos - Knife Defence

Here we have a defence against a certain knife attack.  I did the originally video for a group who had already done a seminar with me on knife defence; the video was just supposed to be a reminder, a training tool if you will.  This is a way of practicing with a partner without damaging anyone.

I have since had one or two critics, saying various things about this particular knife defence technique:
•    That it is dangerous because I don’t deal with the knife first
•    That I don’t deal with the attacker definitively enough
•    That teaching this technique could endanger lives

I have now added a step by step sequence of still photographs and a slow motion video of what real damage you inflict when executing this technique in real time.

1.    You must meet the attacker head on; do not wait until he has got the first stab in.  This is a repeated stabbing action, meant to kill you.
2.    Do not let his free hand control you.
3.    You must strike, simultaneously, ramming your forearms into your attacker’s face and forearm, smashing his face and jamming his first stabbing attempt.
4.    You can see the first technique from three different angles.
5.    This action will  halt his forward momentum, I don’t care who he is.
6.    It is then important to move quickly, smoothly into the next action, taking advantage of the first shock to his system.  
7.    Push his head down and lift the knife hand up vigorously, simultaneously, in the manner shown.
8.    Keeping your back straight for best results and less chance of losing your balance.
9.    Bend your knees and drop your centre of gravity, to pile the attackers head into the ground.
10.    To finish, using a wrist/arm lock, wrench hard to take control, or break arm.  It is doubtful that the knife will still be in his hand, but if it is it has been nullified all the way through and can be taken easily at this point.

Let me be quite clear about this; I know from practical experience that this technique works, and I taught it to the high risk section of the security industry for 25 years with nothing but positive feedback.    


Torakan Knife Defense

Torakan Knife Defense

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