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Shihan Thomas McKinnon & Sensei Anthony Shearer



5th Dan Black Belt:
Karate Union of Australia

5th Dan Black Belt:
Chinese Karate Association (honorary)

2nd Dan Black Belt:
Serenity Ryu (Bushido)

1st Dan Blackbelt:
Japan Karate Association

Recipient of the Honorary Black Sash Award
The Shaolin Temple

National Referee:
Federation of Australian Karate-Do Organisations

Karate Union of Australia
Australian Karate Federation
NSW Kickboxing Federation (Muay Thai)

Technical Advisor
Karate Union of Australia

Torakan School of Shotokan Karate-Do

Thomas McKinnon
Shihan & Chief Instructor


International Martial Arts Specialist

Thomas McKinnon is a former British Parachute Regiment soldier, and a multi-accredited international Martial Arts Specialist with almost 60 years experience: Boxing, Karate, Kung Fu, Bushido, Muay Thai and Close Quarter Combat; also, self-defence instructor to the security industry for twenty-five years.

In high-risk security, he was an international Close Personal Protection Operative (CPPO or Bodyguard) for twenty five years, with a client list that included European Royalty and a United States President.

Current Objectives

“I have combined my life’s martial experience with my philosophical understanding for the need of a Peaceful co-existence in an increasingly aggressive society.

I have developed a way of training that strengthens, and helps to prepare you for the worst situations in life, while creating a quiet confidence within, which helps to smooth your path, assisting you to live a balanced, healthy and value filled life.

Torakan (School of the Tiger) is my way of training: a traditional, classical Karate, but with an understanding of the shortfalls of that art in the cold, hard reality of today’s world, and combined with a loving philosophy.”

Close Quarter and unarmed combat, and crowd control (restrain and control techniques) instructor for the security industry.
- E.C.P. Services.
- Lane Cove Security Pty Ltd.
- Executive Bodyguards Sydney.
- Toraguard Security Pty Ltd.
- St Mary’s Rugbby League’s Club.
- Mt Druitt Workers Club.

Self-Defence Instructor
- Government and private schools throughout NSW & Tasmania.
- Designed and developed a Women’s Self-defence System and produced an instructional video.

Thomas McKinnon
Thomas teaching Will kata
Thomas and Will demonstrating
Alan Carroll
Devonport Dojo Sensei


Sensei Alan is a 2nd Dan Black Belt, trained by Sensei Anthony and Shihan Thomas.





KUA 2nd Dan Black Belt: Torakan Karate

Anthony Shearer
Senior Instructor & Technical Advisor


Sensei Anthony has over 30 years of martial arts training, including Judo, Ninjitsu, F.I.S.T freestyle sparing, Muay Thai, and Shotokan Karate. Sensei Thomas privately trained Sensei Anthony one-on-one in Muay Thai kick boxing (3 years) and Shotokan Karate (4 years).

Sensei Anthony opened the Devonport Torakan Karate Dojo in 2011, passing it onto Sensei Alan in 2020.





3rd Dan Black Belt:
Karate Union of Australia
3 years Muay Thai
3rd kyu Ninjitsu
7th kyu Judo

Nell (Eleanor) Hodgkinson
Devonport Dojo Sensei - Tiger Cubs


Sensei Nell trains our Tiger Cubs in our kids class ans she is an excellent and nurturing instructor.

Nell is a 2nd Dan Black Belt and currently on the National Karate Squad, and competes for Torakan and Tasmania at national levels where she has become a dual state champion in her age group.  Nell will be grading for her 2nd Dan Black Belt later this year.

Nell specialises in the development of beginners karate.




KUA 2nd Dan Black Belt: Torakan Karate

Tyler Jones
Devonport Dojo Sensei - Tiger Cubs


Sensei Tyler is a 2nd Dan Black Belt, trained by Sensei Anthony and Shihan Thomas.  He has been doing martial arts for over 13 years, the last 7 with Torakan Karate.

Tyler has begun to expand his knowledge exploring weapons training.



KUA 2nd Dan Black Belt: Torakan Karate


KUA 1st Dan Black Belt: Torakan Kartate

xmas demo 2016 3.jpg
Kelly Berggren
Media & Public Relations Officer


Kelly is a 1st Dan Black Belt, trained by Sensei Anthony and Shihan Thomas.  She started training about 8 years ago instead of just watching her then 6yo daughter participate. :D

Kelly looks after our website and media needs.



KUA 1st Dan Black Belt: Torakan Karate

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