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Brothers in Arms - Stuart & Steven McKinnon

Stuart McKinnon Torakan Black Belt Stuart McKinnon, DOB 28/08/1973, was unbeaten Australian, under sixteens, junior kumite and kata champion and he captained the winning 1988 NSW Karate Union of Australia under 18s kumite team to win at the nationals. Stuart held state, national, commonwealth and world titles in kickboxing and Muay Thai and had six outings for six wins as a professional boxer before officially retired from the professional ring in 2003.

Since retiring, Stuart has returned to the ring three times for three wins against ranked contenders, most recently in 2014 against New Zealand Champion Josh Heta.

Currently, as well as being a fight promoter, Stuart is the head trainer and manager of the Bulldog Gym Castle Hill, Sydney, and is recognised as one of the best fight trainers in Australia, having trained or helped to train more than a dozen world champions, including his brother, Steve, who is a multiple time world champion.

ABOVE: Stuart McKinnon - World title

Steven McKinnon Torakan Black Belt Steven McKinnon, DOB 23/11/1976, was a junior karate champion with many tournament titles, both kata and kumite under his belt. Steve has held state, national, commonwealth and world kickboxing and Muay Thai titles. Gaining his first world title in 2001, he has consistently held a world title and is a multiple time world champion.

ABOVE: Steve in 2014, Age thirty eight years, reigning WBC World Muay Thai Champion since 2008.

Steve is the current WBC 95kg World Muay Thai Champion, which he has held since 2008. Steve helps his brother, Stuart, run Castle Hill Bulldog Gym, one of the most successful fight gyms in Australia, and is a personal trainer to numerous celebrities and business icons at Bondi Beach, where he is somewhat of an icon himself. BELOW: Last time out against Nato Lauuii.

ABOVE: Steven McKinnon - L: In devastating form. R: First world title 2001.

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